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Invented by Chef Dan Lowry, the SCORCH SHIELD™ is a scientifically-designed heat shield that helps prevent scorching, burning and boil overs, saving time and money by reducing waste and allowing for multi-tasking in your busy kitchen, resulting in better tasting food.


Inspired by Chef Dan Lowry for Chefs

“I’ve spent more than 30 years as a professional chef and know the frustration of wasted food and time that scorching causes. Since inventing the Scorch Shield, I can confidently divert my attention and better manage my kitchen, knowing that my sauces can manage themselves.”

The Scorch Shield is a scientifically designed porcelain enamel coated steel plate which diffuses heat in a manner that helps prevent scorching, hot spots, and boil overs. It is specifically designed to be used with any height flame and temperature for cooking sauces, gravies, soups, tempering, simmering, reductions and warming. 

Perfect for cooking, reheating or warming sauces & soups and can be used for international and bakery applications.

Great for even-heating on grills and gas stove tops such as:

• Pan searing, simmering and sautéing

• Rice, grains & beans

• Eggs and omelets


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